New Mexico Bear Euthanized After Break In

New Mexico Dept. of Game & Fish, Bear Hunting Magazine

New Mexico wildlife officials released a statement regarding a bear attack on an 82-year-old bedridden woman. The woman suffered scratches to her face and head when an estimated 400-pound black bear came into her northern New Mexico home near Cimarron.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish said the bear broke in sometime early Tuesday night. The woman was in bed with the main doors and windows open when the bear broke the latch on a screen door and entered her bedroom. The woman's housekeeper went in around ten to close the doors and turn off the lights and found the woman with scratches on her nose and head.

The injuries to the woman were considered minor. The Game and Fish Department tracked the bear with dogs and euthanized the bear Wednesday. The bear was then taken to the Veterinarian Diagnostic Center in Albuquerque for a necropsy.

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