Northern Minnesota Bear Killed After Attack

Minnesota DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 72 year-old woman from the McGregor, Minnesota area is recovering from a bear attacking her Monday evening in her yard. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released a statement saying that the woman suffered non-life threatening puncture wounds to her arms, side and leg after being attacked by a 190-pound female black bear. The bear had three cubs with her.

The Minnesota DNR said that the woman had spotted the bears hanging around her home for a number of days, more than likely eating bird seed from her feeders.

On Monday night, the woman looked outside and did not see any bears. She then let her dog out. Unfortunately, the three cubs were out of sight, most likely under the deck. When the dog saw the young bears it starting chasing them. The sow came to defend her cubs. When the woman began shouting for her dog, the sow attacked her. The woman managed to escape and called 911. A DNR officer responded, located the bear, and when it demonstrated aggressive behavior the officer killed the bear.

The 72 year-old woman was released Tuesday morning from a local hospital. DNR officers transported the sow to the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at the University of Minnesota for a necropsy. This was Minnesota's fifth documented bear attack on a person that resulted in injuries since 1987.

The cubs, which appeared healthy and would naturally become independent of their mother by early June, were left in the area, but will be watched for unusual behavior.

Homeowners are reminded that to lessen the chance of a bear encounter, do not put out bird feeders, secure pet food and trash cans and keep BBQ grills clean.

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