Nevada Bear Euthanized After Condo Break-in

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) euthanized a black bear late Thursday night after it broke into an Incline Village condominium. The bear, a three year-old male that weighed 325-pounds, knocked over a dresser, ripped a mirror off the wall and tore up a couch. It was tranquilized and then euthanized by wildlife officials who said the animal posed a danger to the public.

Officials were called shortly before midnight Thursday about a black bear inside the condo. An elderly woman who lived in the unit had encountered the bear as she descended a staircase in her motorized wheelchair. She was able to get out and call for help at a neighbor's.

The NDOW report stated that the bear had apparently entered the condo through an open garage door and unlocked entry door. When responders arrived, the bear broke an upstairs window and was then darted with a tranquilizer. The bear jumped from the building, climbed a tree and then fell to the ground after the drug took effect. At this point, the decision was made not to relocate the bear and was euthanized because of its behavior during the break in.

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