Hunters Stranded On Prince Of Wales Rescued

Alaska State Troopers, Bear Hunting Magazine

Alaska State Troopers released information about a search and rescue that took place late Sunday night. Ketchikan Troopers received a 911 call from a 35-year-old Georgia man, saying that he and his 14-year-old son were stranded near Hollis on Prince of Wales Island.

The two were part of a five-person black bear hunting group and that the other three hunters had dropped them off in a skiff. The three had then taken the skiff to the head of 12 Mile Arm, but were now two hours overdue to pick the two up. Weather conditions were getting worse, and no one in the group had brought gear with to spend the night outdoors.

Troopers went to Hollis and borrowed a boat to start a quick search. A little after midnight, the man and his son were picked up. Troopers continued toward the head of 12 Mile Arm, where they found the other three hunters.

Part of the investigation that was released showed that the outgoing tide had stranded the skiff on the beach, and by the time the tide had came back in to refloat the skiff, it was too dark for the three to navigate back to where they had came from. All five hunters were then brought back to Hollis and no injuries were reported.

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