Idaho Man Loses Leg In Bear Hunting Accident

Idaho Fish & Game Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 34 year-old man from Idaho Fall was hunting with a friend north of Fairfield, Idaho Saturday when his rifle discharged accidentally inside his backpack. The round struck him in his left knee.

His hunting companion used a belt and a shirt to tie a tourniquet around the injured leg and then hiked to a ranger station for help. From there the injured man was airlifted to a local hospital before being transferred to Boise, where his leg was amputated.

A press release stated that the 34 year-old was in good spirits and was scheduled for a second surgery to close the wound later on today (Thursday). This should be the last surgery he will need before being fitted with a prosthetic in three months.

The man's family stated that he has hunted since childhood and that the accident illustrates the importance of gun safety, even among the most experienced hunters.

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