Wisconsin Bear Euthanized After Killing Donkey

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 300-pound black bear was killed earlier this week after it broke into a fenced in area in a Outagamie County yard and killed a donkey. There were reports of chickens killed nearby and a peacock missing its tail feathers which the DNR believes may have been caused by this same bear.

Officials with the Wisconsin DNR believe the bear was looking for food since spring has been slow to start this year and the ground is still cold. Bears are starting to come out of their dens and are getting into trouble by getting into bird feeders and other food items left outside.

The Wisconsin DNR tried to trap the bear, but it would not enter the trap; it would only reach in and pull the meat out. After getting to the point that they were running out of daylight, officials were authorized to dispatch the bear. The bear was shot, but was able to get away. It was found the next day with the help of a bear hunting guide and their dog approximately a half-mile away from the scene. At that time the bear was killed.

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