Nevada Hunting Ban Bill Changes To Bear Study

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

As a follow up to our News Flash from April 12, 2013, the Nevada state senate has changed the bill that originally banned bear hunting to requesting a three-year scientific study of bear hunting be done. The study is to be conducted by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Senate Bill 82 originally was to make black bears a protected animal and prohibited the Wildlife Commission from designating a hunting season for them. The bill's author offered an amendment to the bill on Monday that he would delete the bill as a whole. In its place, language would be installed acknowledging the perspectives expressed by both opponents and supporters. The new bill directs the Nevada Department of Wildlife to conduct a three-year scientific study of the issue, including whether the bear population will be sustainable if a hunting season is allowed.

The amendment was approved on a voice vote, sending the revamped SB82 to the Senate for a final vote later this week.

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