Mass. Man Charged With Shooting Bear In Yard

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 76 year-old Auburn, Massachusetts man is facing criminal charges after killing a black bear in his backyard near bird feeders over the weekend.

According to information released, the man believes the bear charged at him after he went out into his backyard to investigate noises he heard. He had taken a shotgun outside with him with for protection.

The 76 year-old stated that when he went outside, he saw the bear. It then stood up and made some grunting sounds. The bear got down and started walking towards him. He felt the bear was coming to attack him so he aimed in the general direction of the bear and fired. The bear went down after being hit.

The man said he felt, because of his age, he could not run away or climb a tree to get away from the bear.

Local police were called to the home after the incident. Officials on the scene did not believe the bear was a threat, so the man is now facing a summons to Worcester District Court, where he is expected to be arraigned for illegally killing an animal, baiting a bear, discharge of a weapon within 500-feet of a dwelling, three counts of illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

Although the man had many bird feeders, which is why the bear more than likely came into this backyard, authorities believe the 50-gallon drum filled with bird seed was used as bait to attract the bear, not to fill the bird feeders.

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