California Brown Bear Enters Home

California Dept. Of Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

A homeowner got some unexpected visitors earlier this week when two small brown bears came by to raid his food. The bears showed up at the Monrovia, California home where they ate some Chinese food, made a mess and stole a box of dog food. Only one of the bears actually entered the home through the dog door panel that was ripped off. The bear proceeded to slide the sliding glass door the panel was attached to open to gain entry.

The homeowner was present at the time of the break-in and ran upstairs with his dog where he called local officials. When police arrived, they found the bear had exited the house and was with the other bear outside with some of the food that was taken. The officers utilized a nonlethal bean bag round fired into the air to effectively frighten the bears back up the mountain.

The local police stated that this was a good reminder for residents to put their trash and pet food in secured containers, and as warmer weather approaches, to be watchful as they are outside more and as they leave doors and windows open.

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