4 Men Sentenced For Trafficking Bears In WI

Bear Hunting Magazine

Four men in Wisconsin were convicted of violating the states law against trafficking black bears. The men, ranging in age from 41 to 53 pled guilty to violations of the Lacey Act, which involves trafficking of black bears illegally killed.

Court records show in 2009 three of the men arranged for the transfer of one of their bear licence to an undercover officer. The men then provided guide services which resulted in a bear being illegally killed and tagged. One man then transferred the meat from the bear and a rug made from bear hide to an undercover officer in another state.

Records show three of the four were also charged with a violation of the Lacey Act that had occurred in September 2011.

Guilty pleas were made and the men were sentenced individually to the following:
• 6 months in prison, 3 years supervised release and a fine of $10,000 as well as having their hunting, trapping and fishing privileges were revoked for 15 years;
• a $5000 fee and had their hunting, trapping, and fishing privileges revoked for six years;
• a $3000 fee and a 5-year revocation of their hunting and trapping privileges;
• one year probation, a $1000 fee and a 5-year revocation of their hunting, trapping and fishing privileges.

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