Wisconsin DNR Sets 2013 Bear Permit Numbers

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved the DNR’s recommendation to offer just over 8,500 bear harvest permits for the 2013 Wisconsin black bear season.

They will issue 8,560 permits for the upcoming season with a harvest goal of 4,000 bears. These numbers are slightly reduced compared to 2012.

Original News Flash 1/21/2013:
The Wisconsin DNR is looking to reduce the number of bears hunters can harvest in 2013. They have requested the Natural Resources Board to reduce the 2013 statewide harvest limit to 4,000 which is a 13% decrease from 2012.

The Wisconsin DNR also plans to ask the board to reduce the number of permits to just over 8,500, a 5% decrease from last year. High harvest limits and permit levels since 2009 have contributed to an overall reduction in the state's bear population of around 18,500 bruin.

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