Some States Bring In Record Bears In 2012

Various Sources - State Websites, Bear Hunting Magazine

While it is too early to tell until officially scored, some hunters may have very well brought back some large, record book sized bears and in record numbers in 2012 across the United States.

Here is just a short list of a few of these:

First, in Pennsylvania a man harvested a large black bear in the eastern part of the state in November. The skull was originally scored at 23 9/16 inches.

In Kentucky, hunters not only harvested a record number of bears for the year, but also the record book bear of 410 pounds in Letcher County, besting the previous record bear of 350 pounds set in 2011.

The New Hampshire bear season concluded with 806 bears being harvested which represents a new state record harvest exceeding the previous record of 803 bears (2003). The 2012 harvest was nearly double the 2011 level (418 bears) and 37% above the preceding 5-year average (588 bears).

Wisconsin had their second best harvest record in 2012 with 4,400 black bears being registered. This number is topped only by the 5,133 registered in 2010.

Many states are still working on releasing their final numbers for 2012 bear harvests.

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