New Hampshire Has Record Bear Harvest

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department , Bear Hunting Magazine

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department released their fall harvest totals earlier this week. Hunters in the state took a record number of black bears this fall, surpassing the previous record of 803 bears taken in 2003.

A total of 806 bears (433 males and 373 females) were harvested this year. The numbers are still preliminary and will be confirmed at a later date. Bait hunters harvested 426 bears; spot and stalk hunters took 282 bears; and hound hunters registered 98 bears. The overall harvest sex ratio was 1.2 males per female.

The 2012 New Hampshire bear harvest was 39% above the 5-year in-season average of 581 bears for this time period. Additionally, the 2012 harvest was nearly double that achieved in 2011, when a total of 418 bears were harvested. Regionally, 180 bears were taken in the North, 229 in the White Mountains, 263 in the Central, 76 in Southwest-1, 57 in Southwest-2, and 1 in the Southeast regions.

The 2012 bear season also saw a new record bait harvest set, surpassing the previous high of 372 bears taken in both 2009 and 2010. The increase in bait harvest, as well as the overall bear harvest, during 2012 represents both continued increased participation in baiting, as well as lower natural food abundance.

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