New Jersey 2012 Harvest Totals

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

New Jersey officials released information regarding the 2012 bear harvest in their state. 285 bears were taken during the six-day hunt that ended Saturday.

Preliminary data show 188 bears were harvested in Sussex County. Forty-two were taken in Morris County, while 32 were listed in Warren County and 23 in Passaic County.

The hunt aims to control the state’s black bear population, now estimated at about 2,900 in the hunting area, about 500 fewer than in 2010. Around 6,400 hunters participated in this year’s hunt, about 1,000 less than last year.

Updated News Flash From 12/7/2012:
Almost two-thirds of the bears harvested so far this year were taken in Sussex County, according to preliminary numbers from the state Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Through close of the mandated check-in stations on Thursay evening, a total of 228 bears have been reported in with 147 of them coming from Sussex County, the only county entirely within the bear hunting zones. Last year, there were 369 bears killed in the first four days of the six-day hunt.

Updated News Flash From 12/6/2012:
Three days into this year's New Jersey bear hunting season, 193 black bears have been harvested. The season runs through Saturday, but numbers are looking to end up lower than last year. Slightly over half as many bears have been registered so far as compared to this point in the season last year.

Updated News Flash From 12/5/2012:
New Jersey had fewer bears harvested on the second day of their black bear hunting season. New Jersey wildlife officials cited the weather as prompting the animals to stay comfortably in their dens.

Morning rain and fog, as well as continued warm temperatures are the main causes of the disrupted hunt on Tuesday. The second day harvest numbers should be released later today.

Original News Flash From 12/4/2012:
Hunters and wildlife officials stated that a heavy fog that blanketed Sussex County early Monday, the first day of the 2012 New Jersey bear hunt, dampened the woods and cut visibility. This attributed for a lower than expected bear harvest. Hunters returning from the woods stated that you could not see 50 yards away.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's preliminary report showed that 122 bears had been brought to mandatory check-in stations by hunters. Last year, 257 bears were brought in the first day, but it was a bit cold while the rest of the week was rainy and the daily harvest numbers dropped dramatically with a harvest of 469 at the end being recorded.

This year, temperatures are expected to be warmer, and now that the fog lifted, officials expect bear harvest numbers to raise throughout the week.

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