Baranof Island Closes For Brown Bears

Alaska DF&G, Bear Hunting Magazine

An emergency order has been issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to close Barnof Island, as well as surrounding small islands, to brown bear hunting.

This emergency order action is necessary and now in effect to prevent additional harvesting of brown bear in the area. Any additional mortality of female bears could have long term negative effects on this bear population.

All other Unit 4 brown bear regulations remain unchanged and are not affected by this order. For additional information, please contact the Sitka area Alaska DF&G office at 907-747-5449.

Biologists set a maximum harvest of eight male or two female brown bears allowed for the Baranof Island portion of the Unit 4 fall registration brown bear hunt. As of Monday, November 26th the guideline mortality objective for female brown bears had been exceeded in the area so the Alaska DF&G issued the brown bear hunting season to close.

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