Charging Grizzly Killed In Grand Teton NP

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

An elk hunting group of three shot and killed an adult male grizzly bear Thanksgiving morning after it reportedly charged at them. None of the men (ages 48, 20 and 17) from Wyoming were injured.

The incident occurred along the east side of the Snake River between Schwabachers Landing and Teton Point Overlook. Law enforcement rangers, park biologists and park science and resource management personnel are conducting an investigation into the incident. An elk carcass was discovered near where the incident occurred and a half mile area closure around the carcass is in effect until further notice.

This is the 51st known (or probable) grizzly bear mortality in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem this year. In recent years, on average, about one-third of annual grizzly bear deaths are hunting related.

All hunters hunting as part of the Elk Reduction Program are required to carry bear spray and have it immediately available. They are also provided bear information and a safety packet. The individuals involved had permits to participate in the Elk Reduction Program in this area.

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