Colorado Man Pleads Guilty To Illegal Bear Kill

Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

A 26 year-old man pleaded guilty this week to four charges related to a September first killing of a black bear at the Pitkin County, Colorado Landfill.

A Pitkin County Judge ordered the man to pay $2,879.50, plus court costs after he pled guilty to unlawful taking of wildlife, hunting outside an established season, failing to reasonably attempt for and provide for the human consumption of edible portions and failing to immediately go the location where the animal was shot.

While the 26 year-old did not use the bow and arrow to kill the bear, another 26 year-old male admitted to authorities that he shot it twice, he was still cited for having a complicit role in the killing. Both men worked at the landfill at the time, visited the site after business hours one day before bear season began and did not have bear hunting licenses at the time. The men no longer work for the county.

Since this time, bear activity has waned at the landfill, where as many as 15 bruins had been visiting the site daily for food. Parks and Wildlife officers had suggested that the landfill open to hunters during non-business hours, which it did for a brief period.

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