Update: Grizzly Found Dead After Alberta Attack

Alberta News, Bear Hunting Magazine

Update 9/21/2012:
A 350-pound grizzly has been found dead a short distance from the spot where a hunter was attacked on Tuesday. A spokesman for Alberta Solicitor General and Public Safet said a specialized “bear response team” found the sow dead about 125 yards from the scene of the attack north of Swan Hills.

The hunter fired his gun at the bear during the attack, and the bear did appear to have been shot. A necropsy will be performed in Edmonton to confirm the exact cause of death.

Original News Flash:
A 48-year-old hunter is listed in the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries after he was attacked Tuesday by a grizzly bear near Swan Hills, Alberta.

The man was hunting alone in a remote area northwest of Swan Hills, around 220 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, when he was attacked by the bear mid-morning.

The man stated that he was attacked from behind. He was able to fire his gun at the bear and scare it away at some point during the assault. The man then walked five kilometers from where he was attacked to find cellphone service to call for help. He was transported by ATVs and a ground ambulance to an area where he could be flown out.

This year has been especially high in the number of bear attacks reported across Canada and the United States.

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