Second Connecticut Bear Euthanized

Connecticut DEEP, Bear Hunting Magazine

Connecticut environmental officers shot and killed a black bear yesterday in a park in Hartford, the state capitol. The young male was the same one that had been aggressive toward people earlier in the summer. It had previously been tagged after it charged at people.

This is the second bear so far this month that has been euthanized by the state. The first was trapped and euthanized September 2 in Madison after it also was aggressive toward people on several occasions. This bear was fed by at least one local resident.

Throughout 2012, several bears have been relocated from populated areas in Connecticut. There are estimated to be around 500 bears in the state. In 2011, Connecticut received nearly 3,000 bear sighting reports from 122 of the states 169 towns.

Talk is still out there for the state to start a bear hunting season to try and lower the number of bears in certain areas, but nothing has been started to make that a reality as of yet.

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