$1K Possibly Donated For Yes Votes On SB1221

Sacramento Bee, Bear Hunting Magazine

As posted on the Sacramento Bee website information has came from California that the Humane Society of the United States apparently wrote checks for $1,000 to each California legislator voting "yes" on the banning of dogs for hunting bears and bobcats under SB 1221.

The California newspaper is reporting that "The Humane Society sought a ban on a certain kind of hunting, and handed out $1,000 donations..."

Penal Codes 85 and 86, two of California's laws dealing with bribery of legislators may come into play if this is found to be true. In part:
California Penal Code Section 85 pc deals with bribes of legislators. PC 85 makes it a felony for any person to give or offer to give a legislator...
• something of value
• with a corrupt intent
• to influence the legislator's vote in an official matter

The information released does not state if they were told (or aware that) they would receive these donations before the vote or not; more information is expected.

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