Multiple Bears Found Inside City Limits

Various Sources - State Websites, Bear Hunting Magazine

From New Mexico to Connecticut to New York, bears have been wandering into very urban areas over the past weekend.

First off, Conservation officers with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish captured a black bear that wandered into the center of Santa Fe. The bear was found Sunday along the Santa Fe River, two blocks from the city's historic plaza. The bear was tranquilized and moved.

The next bear was captured and euthanized by DEEP officials in Connecticut after it was frightening residents in the area for several weeks. Officials stated that the bear was spotted numerous times in Madison and had shown rare ‘‘aggressive behavior’’ toward humans. Most recently, it charged a homeowner who was filming it through an open window on August 28th.

At least one resident fed the bear, which state officials warn against. State officials say Connecticut's bear population of around 500 continues to grow. Last year, there were nearly 3,000 bear sightings.

Finally, a bear in New York picked the wrong tree to take a nap in. State officials are on the lookout for a black bear after it was scared away after a nap in a tree in the Mohawk Valley city of Gloversville. Police blocked off a city street for several hours Sunday afternoon after the bear crawled up a tree and apparently fell asleep. The bear ran away after they sprayed the tree with water. Police and state environmental officials are monitoring the area to make sure the bear does not return.

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