Woman Hurt By Grizzly In Alaska

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

Another bear attack story from the weekend of a person being hurt by grizzly bears in Alaska. This time it was a woman from Seattle who was working for a Canadian mining company as a soil sampler. She was bitten in the hand by a grizzly about 20 miles north of the Denali Highway near Tangle Lakes on Sunday.

The twenty year-old female and a male co-worker were collecting rock samples in the rain when they encountered the bear in a foggy ravine around 1:30pm. The bear walked out of the fog with its two cubs. The pair backed up to get away, but the sow started walking toward them. The pair then stopped once they realized it was following and tried to get some bear spray out, but by then it was running toward them. The bear was on them before the woman could get the spray out.

The bear knocked both her and her co-worker down and they both played dead. Once they were on the ground, the bear focused its attention on the woman. The bear bit her hand and dragged her about 20 feet over rocks and then left.

Following the attack, her co-worker made sure the bear was gone and wrapped her hand. They walked out of the ravine to an open area and called for a helicopter. The woman went to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where she is being treated for bites to her hand and scratches to her back that required stitches. She will need surgery for a broken bone in her hand.

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