Florida Bear Killed On Air Force Base

Florida Fish & Wildlife Division, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Florida black bear was killed earlier this week near residential housing on Tyndall Air Force Base. Florida Fish and Wildlife and military authorities are working on finding out more about the shooting and have a suspect in the case.

According to Fish and Wildlife officials, the bear was killed near the Redfish Point housing area. The 150-pound female was shot more than once with a shotgun. The bear had two 25-pound cubs nearby and are said to be old enough to make it on their own. Locals are being urged to not feed them, as it could be the worst thing someone could do for the cubs right now. Officials are hoping the will go back into the woods and stay there.

In 1974 state officials estimated there were only 500 bears in the state, but the population has grown to more than 3,000.

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