County In Colorado Has Euthanized 20 Bears

Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has euthanized 20 bears so far in Pitkin County this year, which surpasses the spring and summer combined euthanasia totals from the last two years.

The agency reported local law enforcement agencies received 140 calls in June and July of this year, and noted a disturbing trend that shows bears are actually learning how to break into homes and vehicles. There was a period of time in mid-June when a sow and three cubs broke into more than a dozen vehicles in the Snowmass Village area.

Biologists speculate that drought conditions could be adversely affecting the bears’ normal diet, forcing them to rely more on humans. Another factor could be the rising bear population, which in turn increases the number of bears becoming more adapted to humans’ food.

Residents are advised to abide by all wildlife-related trash ordinances in addition to locking all doors and windows.

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