Florida Bear Killed At Tallahassee Airport

Florida Fish & Wildlife Division, Bear Hunting Magazine

A male black bear was killed by airport police after it wandered the Tallahassee Regional Airport for two days. The bear was originally reported last week by a U.S. Airways flight crew that saw the animal near the taxiway and again later by FedEx ground crews on the tarmac near the air cargo area.

At one point witnesses saw the bear scaling a six-foot interior fence that separates the cargo area from other parts of the airfield. With the bear in the line of active taxiways and runways, it posed a risk to travelers and airport personnel.

The Florida FWC, Tallahassee Police and airport officials attempted to get the bear outside the airport perimeter fence. When these attempts failed, FWC officers then tried to tranquilize the bear but were unsuccessful, which eventually led to having to kill the bear to keep the airport runways safe.

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