Montana Relocates Another Grizzly

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Montana FWP relocated an adult grizzly that killed a calf on the south end of the Rocky Mountain Front on a ranch southwest of Augusta.

Snares were set and the seven or eight year-old sow was captured Friday morning. Officials stated that she was found in very poor condition being described as 280 pounds and looked like she recently had a litter and already released them. On a scale of one to five for health, she was listed at a 1.5 or 2.

It's believed the sow was raised in the area south of Augusta, so officials are not sure what may have triggered this depredation. Conditions in the area are very dry, but it looks like the berry crop and chokecherries could be strong, so bears should be able to feed on those in the later part of the summer.

This was the first time this grizzly had been captured and FWP says it's likely she was desperate, so they made the decision to relocate her a shorter distance than usual, around 45 miles to the north end of Blackfeet Wildlife Management Area. Her collar will stay on for two to three years and FWP will let landowners know if she ends up getting close to the area again.

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