Another Brown Bear Put Down in Anchorage

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

On Wednesday night, Alaska Fish and Game was forced to put down the third brown bear this year in the Anchorage area.

This last one was near John’s Park in Oceanview. Residents awoke to find a brown bear was on a path directly behind a house. It ending up being a young adult male ambling through the neighborhood. There are many brown bears in Anchorage, but most are never seen. There however, has been an increase in activity of young adult bears that are two or three years old who keep getting into trouble.

This bear, who killed and starting eating a moose calf in someone’s back yard, sealed its fate by doing so. When they are eating a fresh kill in a yard, they are very defensive. If a person accidentally startles the animal it is a concern that it could do someone bodily harm. For this reason, Alaska DFG decided to remove the bear.

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