Grizzly Bears Killed In Montana, Idaho

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Montana wildlife agents are investigating the shooting death of a grizzly bear near Big Sky. The Montana FWP state that a resident shot the bear around 7:30am Friday.

A spokesperson with the state said that the adult male bear was taken to the state wildlife laboratory in Bozeman for a necropsy and was estimated to be at least five years old.

No further details were available, but more information is expected to be released later this week as to the reason(s) the bear was shot.

This shooting comes less than a week after a grizzly bear sow and cub were found dead in Idaho, leading that state and federal wildlife officials to offer a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the shooter. The bears were found May 18 by a hiker in Boundary County, near the Kootenai River Valley. The shootings have outraged local hunting groups, who stated that a good sportsman doesn’t go out there and do this.

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