Ontario Man Attacked By Bear At Campground

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Bear Hunting Magazine

A 65 year-old Winnipeg man is recovering from injuries he received this past Saturday when a black bear dragged him from an Ontario campground outhouse. The man's 63 year-old friend was able to come to his aid and shoot the attacking bear.

The man was pulled from the outhouse around six in the morning at the camping site in northwestern Ontario about 37 miles north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario near Dunbar Lake. He did not close the door behind him and the black bear appeared and dragged him from the outhouse by his arm and shoulder. It then bit him on the back of his head and neck, and slashed at his limbs, head and neck.

The attack lasted for approximately one minute before his friend came running with a gun. The friend was able to shoot the bear dead and then saw the man was bleeding pretty badly. The friened managed to stop most of the bleeding and they departed quickly to the nearest hospital in Sioux Lookout where he received a rabies shot and was treated for multiple puncture wounds and slash marks to his arms and back of the head.

Police officers in the area say they have had many calls about bears in the last few weeks, but none of the bruins were as aggressive as the one that attacked the 65 year-old over the weekend was.

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