Colorado To Increase Bear Tags By Up To 25%

Colorado Division of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is recommending some increases and decreases in license numbers for the upcoming fall hunting seasons. Agency staff utilized herd population estimates to recommend reductions in license numbers for mule deer, elk and pronghorn while recommending increases in licenses to manage growing populations of moose and black bears.

Black bear hunting license numbers will be increased in the state after biologists determined that the statewide population is larger than previously believed. New estimates show that approximately 16,000 to 18,000 black bears live in the state. The state estimates they will raise the number of black bear tags available this year by around 25%.

"The emergence and increased affordability of things like DNA, tooth cementum analysis and GPS tracking collars have given us new tools to know that Colorado's current black bear population is robust and larger than previously believed," said Jerry Apker, Carnivore Biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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