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UPDATE 5/8/2012:
Around 10:30pm last night, another bear was hit by a car and killed, this time in Minnesota. The adult black bear was hit by a Volkswagen Jetta north of the Twin Cities going approximately 60 MPH. The driver stated that the bear came out of nowhere and he had no time to swerve. The bear hit the left front side area of the car. The three in the vehicle were not injured but the car received significant damage.

UPDATE 5/7/2012:
Residents who live in Volusia County, Florida say an unwanted visitor is roaming their streets at night. A black bear some think is as large as 300 pounds is wandering the Debary's Highbanks Marina neighborhood and even went onto one porch where it ripped open a case of beer left out. The bear shredded the container and the cans. It has also made an appearance at a local Tiki bar at the marina and walked down the docks within a few feet of people on the bar's deck.

UPDATE 5/7/2012:
Another bear story, this time from central Minnesota where a bear with cubs came into a rural Sherburne County backyard to raid the bird feeder. The sow came face to face with a small breed of dog and did end up killing the dog. The bear and cubs retreated back into the woods and the Minnesota DNR has no plans to capture or kill the bear. This is a reminder for all who have pets or small children to keep food attractants away from your property. Many states have "how to live with bears" information on their sites, here is the one from the state of Minnesota here.

The news is full of bear stories this week.

First is the bear who was tranquilized last week in Colorado and whose picture made the rounds of many news sources when its photo, with all four legs spread out midair, died after it was hit by a car early Thursday, Colorado wildlife officials stated. The bear was struck in the Denver-bound lanes of US Highway 36 near Boulder. Its death came one week after it was removed from a dormitory area on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus, was tagged and then released in a wildlife area about 50 miles west of town.

The next story is of a bear who broke into a New Jersey school. The small black bear crashed through the front glass door of the breezeway at a Ogdensburg elementary school Friday night. Local police received a call that the bear had entered the school and when police arrived, officers were told by a school employee that the bear had crashed through the glass door, breaking the door, and had been secured in a classroom on the first floor. A police officer entered the classroom and opened the windows where the bear then exited through a window. It was then scared away with one round of rubber buckshot.

The final bear story of the week comes from the Billings, Montana area. Wildlife officials found the bears wandering through a neighborhood Saturday morning, captured it and released it in the Pryor Mountains. Officials stated that the bear was reported being seen around 6 in the morning and was treed three hours later in a resident's backyard. A ladder truck reached the bear and it was lowered 40 feet to the ground using a rope after it was darted twice with tranquilizers and passed out in the tree.

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