Alaska Hunter Recovers From Bear Attack

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

A brown bear on Kodiak Island may have been defending her cubs when it pounced on a hunter and left scalp injuries, according to an Alaska state wildlife biologist.

The man from Fairbanks, Alaska escaped serious injury when he was attacked at Sulua Bay on the southern end of Kodiak Island. The man, accompanied by his 13-year-old son, had just shot a nine-foot male brown bear in tundra and alder. When they started to approach the downed animal, they ended up walking past a bear den.

This is when another brown bear came out, charged at the man and they rolled about 50 feet down a hill after colliding. The man was able to get away as the separated during the fall, and the bear went back to the den. The 13 year-old was not injured in the attack.

The man was able to go back with his son and skin the originally harvested bear and filed paperwork with the state before seeking treatment at a local hospital.

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