Nevada Changes Bear Hunting Areas

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

The Nevada state wildlife commissioners voted 6-3 over the weekend to prohibit black bear hunting on their states side of the Lake Tahoe basin. Under this action, bear hunting is also now prohibited in certain high-use areas around the Carson Range's Mt. Rose and Galena just outside the Tahoe basin, but bear hunting will still be allowed in other areas of the state including the Stillwater, Pine Nut and Wassuk ranges.

State biologists estimated they are 200 to 300 black bears in Nevada, with most concentrated in the Carson Range and in and around the Tahoe basin. A Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesperson stated said there were no reports of conflicts between hunters and other users at Tahoe or elsewhere during the Nevada inaugural bear hunt last year when 14 bears were harvested and no bears were taken in the Tahoe basin area during the hunt.

Wildlife commissioners will set the 2012 bear hunting quotas in May.

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