Changing In Kenai NWR Bait Drawing

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge will start to use a drawing system this year to allocate black bear bait sites. In past years, black bear bait permits were issued on a first-come basis. Those interested would wait in line at the Refuge headquarters office to select a site. Many would camp out for two or three days before permits would be issued, just to increase the likelihood of getting the site they wanted.

In an effort to provide all those interested a fair chance at the spot of their choice, the Kenai NWR will now use a random drawing process for the selection of bait areas. Individuals can submit a special use permit application from March 12 to April 6, which will be entered into a drawing being held April 7th at the Refuge headquarters. The season will open on May 1st and go through June 30, 2012. Applications are available at the Refuge headquarters or online here.

Applicants must be present during the drawing to immediately select a bait area. The remaining unselected areas will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis after the drawing process.

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