Bear Sightings In Ohio Remain Steady

Ohio DNR Wildlife Division, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources released information this week on the number of black bear sightings in their state during 2011. There were 152 black bear sightings reported in 2011, of which state personnel confirmed 60 of them. This compares closely to the 64 confirmed bear sightings in 2010.

The 2011 confirmed sightings occurred in 19 different counties and involved an estimated 38 different black bears. Most of the reported bear sightings were in northeastern counties. Sightings occurred in every month of 2011 with the majority of them being between May and August.

Thirty-six of the 152 sightings involved destruction or nuisance behavior, such as damage to bird feeders, beehives and garbage containers.

The Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife began formally keeping records of black bear observations in 1993. Since that time, bears have been reported in 58 counties and confirmed in 50 of their 88 counties.

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