Northwest Territories To Offer More For Pelts

NWT Dept of Environment & Natural Resources, Bear Hunting Magazine

Polar bear hunters, the local Aboriginals in the Northwest Territories (NWT), can get more money in advance this year if they sell their pelts to the NWT Government.

Last year their government paid $400 in advance. This year, it is paying $1,750 a pelt (Canadian Dollars).

A fur manager with the NWT Department of Industry Tourism and Investment, says the government is trying to bring more pelts to auction. Hunters have been selling directly to taxidermists and settling for less money because they get paid right away. While they are free to sell to whomever they want to, fur auctions tend to offer the best price.

The territorial government gives hunters all the money from the sale and they also get a $450 bonus if the pelt has been handled well.

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