November 2016

Date Title
11/15/16 Watch an Extreme Close-Up of a Young Bear Playing in a River
11/14/16 Bear League makes false claims against Nevada Wildlife on relocating nuisance bears
11/4/16 Deer Hunter Has Black Bear Encounter [video]
11/3/16 Injured student says bear ‘stepped all over me,’ but police learn otherwise
11/2/16 Maryland: Record Number of Black Bears Harvested During 2016 Hunt

October 2016

Date Title
10/31/16 Bozeman couple deters grizzly attack in Yellowstone
10/28/16 B.C. judge orders end to road blockade of hunting area
10/27/16 Andean bear dies at National Zoo
10/26/16 Bear attack injures man in mountains east of Los Angeles
10/24/16 Bear Creek trails near Ennis reopen after grizzly attack
10/20/16 N.J. DEP says it was right to leave Pedals in the wild
10/18/16 Over 100 years of bear hunting history
10/16/16 After Recent Sightings, Chatham Township Agrees to 'Look Into' Adding a Bear Hunt
10/7/16 Testing of a bear-proof trash can
10/7/16 Video of bear swimming among hundreds of fish on B.C. coast
10/3/16 New York man uses bottle rocket to scare off trespassing bear

September 2016

Date Title
9/29/16 [UPDATE] Spear Hunting for Black Bear
9/27/16 Nuisance bear in Branford, CT
9/26/16 Brown bear mauls hunter from Kentucky near Angoon
9/21/16 Wyoming bear spray given away to hunters
9/20/16 State study shows Florida bear population jumps
9/19/16 Bear attack triggered by elk call
9/16/16 Geologists have 'no time' to react to bear attack
9/14/16 State DNR Data Indicate Black Bear Population Is Rising In Wisconsin
9/13/16 Bear remains on lose in Radnor as two schools go on lockdown