July 2016

Date Title
7/13/16 Bear kill nets fines, hunting ban
7/11/16 Grizzly grabs a Glacier goat
7/8/16 300-pound bear caught snacking at bird feeder in Orange
7/5/16 Bear scare forces Heart Creek area closure
7/4/16 New Research Helps Explain How Black Bears Elude Hunters
7/1/16 Fort McMurray man charged in relation to death of grizzly bear
7/1/16 NJ activists oppose bear management techniques despite increased incidents

June 2016

Date Title
6/29/16 No Florida bear hunt in 2016
6/28/16 2015 Florida Black Bear Hunt Summary Report released
6/27/16 Outdoor woman's safe, legal bear harvest caught media's attention
6/17/16 Japan bear attacks and interaction increase
6/15/16 Polk Deputy shoots bear attacking pig [video]
6/13/16 HSUS Files Lawsuit Against Wyoming Game and Fish Commission
6/11/16 Russian couple keeps "pet" brown bear [Video]
6/9/16 Animal rights group concerned over researchers treatment of bears
6/8/16 Young bear found near California highway with gallbladder, paws missing
6/6/16 Bear that attacked camper near Young, Ariz. euthanized
6/3/16 Alberta proposes changes to its grizzly bear recovery strategy
6/2/16 Alberta researchers looking for black bear teeth

May 2016

Date Title
5/30/16 Zoo trespasser wounded by bear
5/27/16 Dog saves owner from bear attack while jogging
5/25/16 Large black bear strolling through parking lot [video]
5/23/16 Grizzly mistakenly shot by 15 y.o.
5/20/16 Bear sighting: New Castle, Delaware
5/18/16 Bear responsible for May 10 attack euthanized