January 2017

Date Title
1/18/17 Pink to replace blaze orange in hunting?
1/18/17 Betsy DeVos Cites Grizzly Bears During Guns-in-Schools Debate
1/13/17 Increase in Connecticut bear population
1/6/17 Bear that interacts with motorists is tranquilized
1/3/17 Hunter fined for accidental illegal disposal of bear
1/2/17 Albert Clark Commemorative Bear Hunt raises scholarship dollars for Va Tech

December 2016

Date Title
12/21/16 Ontario bear hunters fined for shooting cinnamon-coloured black bear
12/20/16 Millbrook woman wins lifetime license to hunt and fish
12/18/16 Moon Bears kept in dark for 10 years for illegal bile production
12/15/16 California deputy wounds bear that charged at him, three kids, authorities say
12/15/16 West Virginia man hand-feeds orphaned bear cub
12/9/16 Hunter sues over social media claims he killed Pedals the bipedal bear
12/6/16 Intense video shows a very angry bear being rescued from a septic tank
12/5/16 PA men charged with illegally killing bear

November 2016

Date Title
11/25/16 Bear brutally mauls picnic table at Michigan state park
11/22/16 Unhappy Ending: Polar Bear Eats Husky After Video of Bear Petting Sled Dog Goes Viral [Video]
11/18/16 Maryland woman drops to ground, calls 911 when bear attacks
11/16/16 Bear cub spotted near Virginia elementary school
11/16/16 Grizzly bears headed for delisting after conservation strategy approved
11/15/16 Watch an Extreme Close-Up of a Young Bear Playing in a River
11/14/16 Bear League makes false claims against Nevada Wildlife on relocating nuisance bears
11/4/16 Deer Hunter Has Black Bear Encounter [video]
11/3/16 Injured student says bear ‘stepped all over me,’ but police learn otherwise
11/2/16 Maryland: Record Number of Black Bears Harvested During 2016 Hunt

October 2016

Date Title
10/31/16 Bozeman couple deters grizzly attack in Yellowstone