March 2017

Date Title
3/1/17 Bear Attacks Car In Chinese Zoo Famous For Tiger Mauling

February 2017

Date Title
2/23/17 Hunters' bear ID training required for 1st time Montana bear hunters
2/21/17 Toledo Zoo polar bear moved to Chicago
2/20/17 Maryland bill permits protecting a bee colony from black bears
2/17/17 Bear harvest numbers in NY fell slightly in 2016
2/15/17 Another "activist" charged with harassing hunters
2/13/17 Romania’s brown bear hunt has gone extinct
2/10/17 Five men slapped with $7,800 in fines for moose and bear hunting offences
2/9/17 Three 700-pound bears taken during one of Pa.'s best seasons ever
2/7/17 PA Game Commission proposes number of changes to 2017 hunting seasons
2/3/17 Another bear attack in Florida
2/1/17 2 Michigan men fined for illegal bear hunt near Red Lake, Ont.

January 2017

Date Title
1/31/17 Change aims to increase bear hunting opportunity
1/25/17 Couple educates hunters on avoiding bear encounters
1/23/17 Utah wildlife board approves rules for 2017 bear hunts
1/19/17 West Virginia black bear harvest tops 3,000 for the 2nd time
1/18/17 Pink to replace blaze orange in hunting?
1/18/17 Betsy DeVos Cites Grizzly Bears During Guns-in-Schools Debate
1/13/17 Increase in Connecticut bear population
1/6/17 Bear that interacts with motorists is tranquilized
1/3/17 Hunter fined for accidental illegal disposal of bear
1/2/17 Albert Clark Commemorative Bear Hunt raises scholarship dollars for Va Tech

December 2016

Date Title
12/21/16 Ontario bear hunters fined for shooting cinnamon-coloured black bear
12/20/16 Millbrook woman wins lifetime license to hunt and fish
12/18/16 Moon Bears kept in dark for 10 years for illegal bile production