September 2014

Date Title
9/18/14 Bear kills man in the Bridger-Teton National Fores
9/18/14 Maine towns signing resolutions against referendum
9/12/14 2014 marks TN change up of bear strategy
9/10/14 UPDATE: Something Bruin convictions for some
9/9/14 Hunter found dead after mauling by grizzly
9/5/14 UPDATE: Maine bear hunt HSUS spending increased
9/3/14 Vetrans head to Maine for bear hunt program
9/1/14 Vermont requests successful hunters donate bear teeth

August 2014

Date Title
8/27/14 Interesting Japanese opinion article on bear attack posted
8/25/14 NB, Canada Second bear hunting licence to be available, season lengthened
8/25/14 Bear attack results in charges for feeding bears
8/22/14 Study finds bear population in LA regaining successfully
8/20/14 Maine bear study continues to find increase bear population
8/19/14 450 pound Vermont bear breaking records
8/15/14 Durango California invests in bear-proof cans
8/13/14 Black bear escapes zoo
8/12/14 Michigan Department of Natural Resources hosts bear academy
8/8/14 Utah campgrounds overnight closure due to bear break-ins
8/8/14 UPDATE: Mauled Alaska jogger recovering
8/7/14 Bear hunter injured on private land
8/4/14 North Carolina's first year for baiting just months away
8/1/14 Oregon black bear take a dip in resident's pond
8/1/14 Number of Maryland black bears killed by cars increases

July 2014

Date Title
7/31/14 Man fatally shoots brown bear while being attacked
7/28/14 West Virginia to open public lands for bear hunters