July 2017

Date Title
7/15/17 Bear attacks sleeping camper in Boulder County
7/10/17 Saskatchewan sets new cougar, bear trapping seasons
7/8/17 Bear Cubs Hitch a Ride on Their Mom Across a Lake
7/8/17 'Shoo, bear:' Colorado woman's close encounter with a bear in her garage goes viral
7/4/17 11y.o. boy saves fishing party from charging bear
7/3/17 Brown bear mauls cyclist

June 2017

Date Title
6/23/17 US officials to lift Yellowstone grizzly bear protections
6/22/17 Pogo Mine Halts Field Work as State, Federal Agencies Investigate Fatal Bear Attack
6/21/17 Espanola Man Fined $2,500 for Bear Hunting Violations
6/9/17 Bear breaks into family home to play their piano
6/7/17 Spring bear hunting is now closed in parts of Upper Snake Region - Idaho
6/5/17 Bear attack in northern Wisconsin

May 2017

Date Title
5/26/17 Bow Hunter Captures Bear Attack on Camera
5/24/17 Nuisance Bear Comes After Brownies
5/22/17 Mountain Biker Escapes Brown Bear Attack
5/12/17 Nevada biologist sues bear activists for defamation
5/9/17 DNR calls for a larger bear harvest in South Carolina
5/8/17 Historic look at policies of the Ministry of Natural Resources
5/4/17 Bear removed from tree in downtown Roanoke
5/1/17 Hunters investigated after taking wild bear cubs home

April 2017

Date Title
4/30/17 Yakima boy receives dream Cabela's shopping spree
4/28/17 Bear destroys car rummaging around...twice
4/26/17 Game officials put possible bear hunt on hold despite scientific findings and expert recommendations
4/24/17 Bears breed across species borders
4/7/17 Father videos bear getting dangerously close to young daughters