Image from The Yamika Herald

Several times a week, Colton Owen enjoys browsing the outdoor gear and accessories at the Cabela’s Outpost Store.

Most times, he doesn’t buy anything but he still has fun every trip.

What was to be yet another routine trip to Cabela’s became a bit more exciting Sunday, when he was greeted by a large group of the store’s customers and employees.

Stacy Wilson, the store’s retail marketing specialist, helped Colton, 12, get what he needed for an upcoming bear hunt in Willow River, B.C.

“It’s really cool,” he said about the shopping spree. “A lot of this stuff is expensive.”

The store made him an honorary outfitter — what Cabela’s calls their workers — and gave him a Cabela’s outfitter shirt and badge as well as a tour of the store.

For Colton and the rest of his family, the upcoming trip — and Sunday’s shopping spree — is a nice change of pace.

After more than six years in remission, Colton’s leukemia reappeared early in 2015.

From June to December of 2015, the family, spent a grand total of 17 days at their Yakima home. The other days were spent with Colton in the hospital, said his mother, Kari Owen.

While the relapse was frustrating, Colton took it in stride, she said.

“He knew he had to fight,” she said. “He’s a strong-willed boy. He knew he had a lot of life left to live.”

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