Pressure from anti-hunters has caused government officials to put an end to grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia, Canada.

It’s being reported by BBC, that British Columbia’s new NDP government has announced – going against scientific data that supports the need for grizzly bear hunting in that province – that this season will be the last for grizzly bear hunters.

Apparently, hunting grizzlies for meat will still be permitted throughout the province, except for one off-limits Great Bear Rainforest. In addition, it appears that steps will soon be taken to ensure it’s illegal for a meat hunter to possess the hide, head or claws from a harvested grizzly.

This move is being viewed as big victory for anti-hunters and some environmental groups, but it’s a very unpopular decision in the eyes of hunting guides.

“We are not going to be very supportive. We’re very worried about the ripple effect it will have on small businesses in rural British Columbia,” said the executive director of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia, Scott Ellis

From Outdoor Hub.