ROSEAU, Minn. — Jan Johnson knew the bear was in the area, and he knew it was big.

He was right; it was.
Johnson, of rural Roseau, toughed out a gloomy, rainy afternoon of bear hunting Oct. 1 and came home with a black bear that unofficially weighed 721 pounds live weight.

Bears are scored by skull size rather than body weight, but Johnson's bear definitely is one of the heaviest bears to be taken in Minnesota in quite some time. Photos of the bear have been making the rounds in texts, emails and social media.

"It's been Facebook friends, and all that other stuff has been going off the wall," Johnson, 54, said. "Taxidermists have been calling — stuff like that."

Hunting a patch of river bottom on his family's land in the Malung-Pencer area of Roseau County, Johnson said he put up a ladder stand that morning in the rain and returned late that afternoon. He knew a big boar had been roaming between the river bottom and a nearby sunflower field.

The area is in Minnesota's No-Quota Zone, where hunters can buy bear tags over the counter instead of going through the lottery required to draw a license in other parts of the state.

"I've had it pretty nice there," Johnson said. "Whenever I don't get drawn for a quota tag, I can always go there and usually get something to come in if there's an acorn crop."

From Duluth News