Brutus is an eight foot tall, 900 pound ambassador on behalf of bears everywhere.   

“He's very well trained but we don't describe him as tame,” says Ami Testa who has been raising him for fifteen years, ever since he was rescued from an unethical breeding program.

“Grizzly bears are not a good pet,” says Testa. “ I don't care who raises them. “

Brutus is at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show to educate hunters on ways to avoid bear attacks.

“The reason why attacks happen is usually they're defending something.” Says Testa. “They're defending a food source, a female defending cubs, or you surprise them. Hunters a lot of the times are being quiet.
They're not trying to scare away whatever they're hunting.”

A bear attack can happen in a matter of a couple of seconds In worst case scenarios Testa recommends bear pepper spray over guns.

“A bear will run into it and it's like they hit a brick wall, turn and run back the other way.”

And when the rest of us wander into bear country, there's nothing wrong with being loud.

“Bears have a natural fear of humans,” says Testa. “They'd rather avoid us. If they know we're coming , they're going to go the other way.”

Just a few tips to be aware in bear country courtesy of a bear named Brutus.

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