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An analysis of the fatal collision last summer between a grizzly bear and a mountain biker near Coram recommends more safety evaluation before new biking trails are built in grizzly habitat.

“Current safety messaging at trailheads and in the media is usually aimed at hikers,” the interagency board of review report stated. “However mountain biking is in many ways more likely to result in injury or death from bear attacks to people who participate in this activity.

"In addition, there are increasing numbers of mountain bikers using bear habitat and pressure to increase mountain bike access to areas where black bear and grizzly bear encounters are very likely.”

The report on the June 29 death of Brad Treat after he collided with a grizzly bear was completed on Friday. Lead author Chris Servheen said the analysis had advice for both trail managers and the people who recreate on them.

Servheen recently retired as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s grizzly bear recovery coordinator for the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. He led a panel that included members from Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, U.S. Forest Service and Glacier National Park.

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