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Hunting could take on a new look in Virginia with the passage of a bill in the General Assembly that would allow deer hunters to meet safety requirements by wearing pink rather than just the traditional blaze orange.

The measure (HB 1939) was introduced by Del. James Edmunds, R-South Boston, who also has introduced bills to legalize hunting with slingbows and establish separate deer and turkey licenses.

Blaze pink meets safety requirements in at lest three states, Colorado, New York and Wisconsin.

Backers of pink say the color is less likely to be seen by deer and more likely to be seen by other hunters than is blaze orange.

There are some hunted species you wouldn’t want to approach in pink garb because of their keen vision. Ducks are one. Turkeys, in most situations, are another. But its use is more about women’s styles than anything.

Current Virginia regulations call for firearms deer hunters, including muzzleloader, to wear a blaze orange cap or blaze orange upper body clothing that is visible from 360 degrees, or to display at least 100 square inches of solid blaze orange material at shoulder level within body reach and visible from 360 degrees.

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