One fortunate hunter, George Ken “Bubba” Lee” took a black bear that weighed 545 pounds in the county on Nov. 15. While a bear that size is certainly noteworthy, the feat is nothing short of astounding for a hunter who has lost both legs above the knee.

“I have Factor V Leiden disorder, a blood clot disorder that I am on blood thinners for,” said Lee, 47, who lives in Willard and worked as a machinist and welder before becoming disabled. “I woke up one night in 2012 and my right leg was burning from the knee down. I went into the hospital and they amputated my leg after I went through multiple surgeries as they tried to save it. I was having regular checkups and almost a year later had the same thing happen to the other leg when I noticed the big toe was yellow. They amputated that leg a couple of weeks later. It could affect other parts of my body too. My blood won’t stop clotting, but I refuse to let anything beat me.”

“For one time in my life, I was kind of speechless,” Lee said. “It was the hunt of a lifetime for me. For Keith to do something like that for me was unbelievable. He just came up asked me and I was more than willing to go.”

Images and story from The News Observer.