A black bear stumped city workers for more than four hours after it took refuge in a tree downtown Monday afternoon.

The bear jumped from an upper floor of the Church Avenue parking garage into the tree in the Premier Parking lot at the corner of Second Street and Church Avenue, witnesses said. It ran into the parking lot after several people screamed, scaring it.

After Department of Game and Inland Fisheries hit the bear with at least two tranquilizers, Roanoke Fire-EMS used a cherry picker to lift a DGIF employee, Fire-EMS spokeswoman Tiffany Bradbury said. The DGIF employee shook the branches until the bear dropped from the tree and into a tarp about 6 p.m.

Bradbury said the bear is “just fine,” and will be tagged and released into the wild. The bear’s estimated weight and age was not immediately available.

“Firefighters get called to rescue cats in trees, but this is a first for rescuing a bear!” Bradbury joked on a social media post she made about the rescue.

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