Bear Hunting is part of the Botetourt culture, especially in the more rural areas of the county. On Dec. 5, Botetourt bear hunters gathered with two members of the Virginia Deer Hunters from Richmond who had won an auctioned bear hunt on the property of Jerry Fraley in north Botetourt County. Over the years, a scholarship has received thousands of dollars from the bear hunt auction. The Sheets Mountain Bear Hunting Club of Botetourt brought along their dogs. Joe and Josh Orcutt were the winners of the auction. Josh killed a bear the morning of the hunt.
The hunt is in honor of Albert Clark who died in January. He taught several generations of hunters how to bear hunt in the area and many of them are in the Sheets Mountain Bear Club. The money from auction goes to a wildlife scholarship at Virginia Tech. From now on, the annual event will be called the Albert Clark Commemorative Bear Hunt.

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