An Edmonton man was fined $250 Friday after admitting in court that the remains of a bear he had hunted and killed ended up on city streets.

Robert Eric Johansson, 38, pleaded guilty in provincial court to a charge under the Alberta Wildlife Act relating to a prohibition against the spoilage of skin and edible flesh.

According to the legislation, a person who has killed or is in possession of the skin of a fur-bearing animal, bear or mountain lion shall not allow the skin to be wasted, destroyed, spoiled or abandoned.

Crown prosecutor John Watson told court Fish and Wildlife officers were alerted on May 22, 2014, that the remains of a black bear, including the hide and skull, were found in two black garbage bags on 199 Steet near 30 Avenue.

Watson said Johansson had killed the bear in 2011, but the hunting tag used at the time was found on the discarded hide.

The prosecutor told court Johansson might not have been the person who disposed of the bear’s remains, but, as the one who had hunted and killed the animal, he was responsible for those remains.

Johansson told the judge he had left the bear hide with his father so he could skin the animal for him and it had been in his freezer.

He did not know how the bear remains ended up on the street, but said he thinks it had been thrown out with other rotten food that had been in the freezer.

Johansson did not have his hunting licence suspended.